Why did I Start This Blog?

Oct 2023


This blog started because I was following what I thought was wise counsel from a professor I had in Uni. He strongly believed that as professionals in any field, you should have a space on the internet that you could use to build credibility as an expert in your field.

When I started this blog, I was looking for my first job as a developer out of school. It's been more than a year and a half since I started the job and I can't tell if this blog was influential in landing the job. I'm glad I started it though. I'm glad because I have a couple of ideas on the things I would like to blog about on my own terms.

I'd love to continue talking about the projects I'm working on that excite me.

I added the Random Jokes project to my portfolio at the beginning and I still go back to interact with it when I'm bored. I hope to share similar projects that not only excite me but are always available to interact with.

I'd love to reinforce Software Development knowledge I pick up by sharing and teaching

We're in the AI era and I don't know the kind of knowledge I can share with you that Chat GPT can't. However, I'm going to try to explain things how I understand them and where I feel I can contribute to distilling the information.

I'd love to share my journey as a professional

The job market is hard. If I can help someone keep the faith, that'll be great. I think I might give a few updates on my experience as a working professional on this blog

I'd love to share other interests I have going on

Like it says in my bio, I love being a developer, but I also love digital content, soccer, and music. I have a ton of other interests you may or may not read about here

My professor had made it a point to be very professional and cautious about what you share online. I very much believe this, and I know it's going to be a huge task balancing a professional portfolio or blog with a hearty honest personal space. But I'm willing to try

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